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Corrugated 101

Flutes are the waves that define corrugated paper/cardboard.  The most common Flute sizes are, A, B, C, E and F or Microflute. We can certainly provide any of the above upon request.   The letter designation does not relate to the size of the flute but to the order in which they were invented.   Flute size or height refers to the number of flutes (waves) per lineal foot with C & B being most common.

B flute
  • offers excellent crush resistance
  • allows for high print quality
  • has a lower wave height and more flutes per foot, creating a rigid surface with more points of support
  • reduces storage space

C flute
  • is the most popular flute size
  • is thicker than the B flute
  • provides excellent stacking and cushioning features

E flute
  • offers the largest number of flutes per foot
  • is very thin
  • allows for high-quality printing
  • resists crushing and other damage

Singlewall Construction

A single wall consists of a corrugated sheet between two flat sheets known as lineboards. This durable and widely used construction is also known as a doable face sheet and comes in a number of strenghts (see Tests).

Doublewall Construction

A double wall consits of two corrugated sheets and three lineboards. The corrugated sheets are usually laminated and interleaved with the lineboard. This provides extra protection and rigidity, ideal for packaging and stacking heavy items.