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Corrugated 101

Fibreboard tier sheets and pads

Solid fiberboad can be used as the material for pads, partitions and for interior packaging. Recently, they have proven to be more cost effecive than the traditional corrugated pad.

Pallet pads and covers

Cut to the size of a pallet, they serve as pallet pads or covers forming an unbroken base or cover for product and pallet stacking. By bridging the gaps between pallet deck boards, the sheets eliminate any possible damage to product from nails and slivers of poor quality skids and the pinching of forklifts from sagging products.

Slip sheets

A sheet slightly larger than a pallet, with a scored flap on one or more sides, can be used as an expandable slip sheet. The development of gripper bars for lift trucks made it possible for the slip sheet to replace the pallet. Slip sheets are inexpensive, save four to six inches in stacking height, and can be stored in a minimum amount of space.

Tier separators

These are sheets, which are used as separators between layers of product or boxes to stabilize pallet loads.

Benefits of Fiberboard
    • Always in stock
    • Takes up 50% less space in your warehouse
    • 100% stronger than corrugated
    • More durable than corrugated
    • Requires less frequent replacement
    • Can be used over and over again
    • Excellent material for push-pull machines
    • Has a price advantage against corrugated and other types of materials
    • Available in: 24-30 point for light applications and 60-80 point for heavy applications