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Yes, corrugated is by far the best material for boxes. It is strong, light, and 100% recyclable. It folds flat for shipping or storage, saving space and money, but is also strong enough for stacking when assembled. It also resists impact, protecting whatever’s inside during shipping and handling.

Yes. We provide custom manufacturing, so creating a box with handles or vent holes is no problem!

Our sister company carries a wide range of stock boxes, as well as a selection of used boxes.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and constantly strive to make it seem that, as our client, you have your very own box factory. We’ll customize our process to make sure your order is shipped when you need it, so you’ll never have to wait for your boxes. We ship locally on our own fleet of trucks or by UPS to anywhere in North America.

No. Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll manufacture any quantity, so you only get the boxes you need.

We offer warehousing services, so we can store your boxes until you need them, at which point our shipping services can get them to you quickly.

We’re a custom manufacturer, and we pride ourselves in being able to produce boxes of any shape and any size. Whatever you need, we’ll provide.

Yes. Our thoroughly modern facility is equipped with the machinery necessary to print your logo, artwork, or other messages on your boxes.

Yes. Our boxes come in traditional Kraft (brown) and in Oyster (white). Oyster board gets its colour through a bleaching process, which makes it more expensive.

Yes. Atlas Containers accepts all major credit cards for faster, more convenient transactions.